To our mothers on Mother's Day


I've always found that mothers embody multiple paradoxes- gentle yet strong, caring yet firm, in one place yet everywhere at once.

It's that time of year where we celebrate and cherish the mothers in our lives who have continually loved us. I've always experienced some form of disconnect with the flurry of Mother's day ads and the reality of the relationships with our mothers on a granular level. While we have many friends with beautiful relationships with their mothers, there are also unique relationships with our moms that may have made life more challenging than others. But what a profound way to discover first-hand the freedom that Jesus can bring into our lives.

If you are a mother, we celebrate the love, work, and sacrifice you continuously pour into your children. For those with mothers, we cannot deny that the impact of a mother or mother-figure in our life. It is powerful and has shaped who we are today. This is the day we honor the mothers who love us, the mothers we are, the mothers we may hope to become, and the mothers we have lost.

Exodus 20:12




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