Large Wallet - Creme bean + Barcode
Large Wallet - Creme bean + Barcode

Large Wallet - Creme bean + Barcode

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Our large wallet collection is handwoven from over 500 single-use upcycled plastic beverage packages by women in impoverished Philippine communities. Nylon thread and metal zipper.

8″L x 4″W x .5″D


SORA Products was founded by Amy while on a trip to the Philippines.  Amy met a group of women who were weaving wallets and purses out of single-use beverage wrappers such as coffee, cocoa, and tea gathered from local businesses and government buildings.  The process symbolized God using something that most would overlook and turn it into something beautiful.  

In 2015, SORA Products was formed in partnership with two Filipina friends.  SORA Products is a Chicago Fair Trade local business that provides a sustainable market for their SORA artisans in two communities in the Philippines.  The profits of these accessories give them income to help provide for their children's basic needs such as family medical, education, and home improvement income.